Are they from God?

A historical background and brief overview of the message of righteousness by faith.Did God send a special message to His people over 100 years ago?  Was the message accepted or rejected?  What was this message?


Will You Be Left Behind?

Since publication of the  Left Behind  series of books and the recent release of the movie  Left Behind,  there has been an explosion of interest in the sensational and speculative errors being promoted by the movie and the books upon which it is based.
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Many today believe the Bible is very difficult to understand.  They often feel only pastors, priests, or theologians can understand the sacred Scriptures.  However, the Bible was not written for any particular group of people, but rather it was given for all people through all ages. God did not give mankind His word clothed in confusion and shrouded in uncertainty, but as a "light" to brighten our path (Psalm 119:105).

The reason many do not have a clear understanding of the Bible is  they have been led to think it is not their privilege to understand what God has spoken through His word.  The idea is disseminated that common people should not study the Bible for themselves, but that the minister or teacher should decide all matters of doctrine for them.  Yet, God desires all classes of people to search the Scriptures for themselves.  He has given reasoning powers to mankind, and by bringing our mental faculties into connection with the Word of God, the spiritual powers are awakened, and common people, as well as teachers and clergymen, may understand the word and will of God.  He has given His word for all to investigate, and all may understand the word of God if they so desire.
Jesus prayed, "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth"(John 17:17).  He also repeatedly referred to the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth and declared: "when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth" (John 16:13).  Through the impartation of the Holy Spirit, we are to understand God's Word.  The Lord opens the understanding of the true seeker of truth. The Holy Spirit enables the human mind to grasp the truths of God's word that they may learn the way to life.

The studies before you on this site have been designed to assist you in understanding what God's word teaches on dozens of different subjects, and the word of God alone will provide all of the answers to questions on nearly every Bible subject imaginable.  You will be guided through a systematic study of the great teachings of God's Word in a simplified question and answer format.  A question is asked and this is followed by a Bible passage that reveals the answer to the question.  All of the questions are answered directly from Scripture and you will be both amazed and excited at how the great truths of God's word are so easy to understand.

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"Our church was thinking of making the NIV our pew Bible, but after sharing your book with the Pastor and board they have decided that our church will continue to use the KJV in the pews and the pulpit."
---.A church in Missouri

"This is a masterpiece - keep up the Lord's work."
---Harrah, OK

"You have spent a lot of time in research, we know, and the Lord has blessed you and we are very grateful."
---Port Hardy, B.C.  Canada

"Our eyes are really being opened as we read your book "Dealing With the Devil's Deception".
---Sacramento, CA

"Read most of your book yesterday - easy to read and much information."
---Montgomery Creek, CA

"Your book is a masterpiece.  I along with 2 others that are reading it say the same.  We all commented on how much research and time and diligence went into it.  Now I love the KJV much more than I did. Our deepest thanks for a job well done."
---Cincinnati, OH

"I enjoyed  "Dealing With the Devil's Deception" very much.  It was enlightening indeed.  You obviously did a lot of work to put it all together."
---Rancho Mirage, CA